By alexmoreno, 3 September, 2018

So, I heard you need Drupal and memcached running in Travis, right? But you have this "little" issue that Travis/Drupal cannot connect to memcached, something like:

 WD memcache: You must enable the PHP memcache (recommended) or [error] memcached extension to use WD memcache: Failed to connect to memcache server: [error]

Before you jump into docs and tutorials on how to install memcached in Travis, probably it's already there, you just have to enable.

Simply add a new php.ini file somewhere in your source, for example in travis_scripts/php.ini:

 extension = ""

and point that from your Travis, for example from your before_install section:

phpenv config-add travis_scripts/php.ini

Or even better, from your or equivalent

Your error should have gone now.