By alexmoreno, 4 February, 2013


How important is having a database optimized. Doing some "basic" optimizations like clearing the cache, runing the Drupal cron and a couple of things more, your database can change from having 4 GB to just around 200MB... incredible? Not at all, the importance of maintenance tasks :-)

Which tasks? Mainly:


By alexmoreno, 27 January, 2013

All you need to know to start faster in Git:

  • sudo git add .
  • sudo git commit -m "function findFriends added"
  • git push -u origin master

That's it :-)

By alexmoreno, 22 January, 2013

Debugging cron issues and errors is one of the most tricky things in Drupal. If you are dealing with a big site, with people adding nodes, inserting content which you can't allways force to be commited in the right way, and things like that, it is not unusual to find a cron broken by some "misterious" node.

Well, it is quite easy to find this "misterious" offender, just logging the cron activity. How, very easy, with my new module "cron_killing_finder".

It is published in my "Drupal SandBox":