By alexmoreno, 30 January, 2021

Introducing GlitcherBot. A new concept for Visual Regression Testing

welcome to GlitcherBot

Building software is complex. However, testing for regressions  and making sure your application is stable and you can go to production with confidence should not be complex.

There are already tools to facilitate visual regression testing, like Behat, Wraith (which I used while I worked BBC), etc… However those tools require work to setup and maintain (sometimes a lot), and they won’t give you the complete assurance that ALL pages in your site are working as they were before. In other words, a full big picture of the status of your site or sites.

On a nutshell, those tools solve a different problem than the one GlitcherBot is trying to solve.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that would scan all the pages in your site or application, and would flag you if any of them had changed after a deployment (or in your pre production environment)?

That’s the idea behind GlitcherBot. But don’t expect screen captures or any other complicated setups. To achieve its mission, GlitcherBot won’t look at how your pages look, but instead their html weight, their status and at some statistics of the html and tags being used at that particular moment.

If those parameters change between two given crawls, say, before and after a deployment, GlitcherBot will detect it and will flag it to you. Sometimes changes are expected. Sometimes they will surprise you. GlitcherBot aims to flag those changes before anyone else notices them.

In other words, GlitcherBot gives you the power of data analysis to find any potential issues.

Website diffs

Website diffs

GlitcherBot does not try to replace any existing visual regression tool, but instead its aim is to complement and make them even more useful. Imagine you can detect changes in your sites and perhaps take screenshots automatically so it’s even faster and easier to detect new bugs or broken pages. That could come soon as well in a kind of hook or API.

For now this is just an open source tool that you can use yourself on a self hosted manner. It’s pretty simple, as promised in the tin, but my plan is to even make it more simple, with a SASS service for those interested on some premium features and not having to worry about a new piece of software to install and maintain.

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Would you like to give it a try? Please do and if you could as well give us any feedback, if you liked the tool, if you didn’t, how you would improve it, … anything would help us make GlitcherBot more and more useful (or abandon it if there is no interest on such a tool).

Stats with nice graphs included in the box

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