drupal performance

Optimizing a Drupal database: improving the performance

That is what you have when you don't optimize and maintenance properly your Drupal projects. A 4GB database which hits hugely the server performance. Just a couple of "magic tricks" and .... 194MB.

Magic? Not at all. If you have a problem with your server, with hangs up and things going very sloooow, check the cache. sessions and watchdog tables, and clear them.

It works like a charm :-)

Drupal slow when saving nodes (content, comments, admin ...)

Drupal slow when saving nodes (content, comments, admin ...)? Maybe the problem is really simple, try to deactivate some modules that you don't use. It is common to test modules that you finally don't use in your production server. Search for them and deactivate, they take a lot of memory, even if you think you are not using them.