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By alexmoreno, 24 September, 2013

Typical problem, you have just gained your full project permissions role in Drupal.org, and you make your first mess... you have promoted your so loved first project without changing the Short project name.

Well, you have a problem, but not too big. Drupal.org will not allow you to rename your Short project name, so you will have to create a new one if you don't want to have an ugly url like that: https://drupal.org/project/2062343

Fortunately git can help. You will simply have to:

By alexmoreno, 9 January, 2013


Sometimes in Drupal you need to get the fields for a particular content types. 

"$type = 'mytype';

$fields = content_fields();

$type_fields = array();

foreach ($fields as $field_name => $field_data)


  if ($field_data['type_name'] == $type)


    $type_fields[$field_name] = $field_data;




in drupal7 is easier, since we have a direct function:

field_info_instances($entity_type = NULL, $bundle_name = NULL)



By alexmoreno, 9 January, 2013

very simple:

        global $theme_key;

      echo $theme_key;


if we need more information, we can use this:

       $themes = list_themes();

       $theme_object = $themes[$theme_key];


        // print all the object fields



via http://drupal.org/node/46961#comment-88354